School isn’t only about a grade or an ATAR.

It’s about where you can go with it.

As an engineer, athlete, doctor, designer, or plumber.


1. We show you how to excel at school through world class personalised tutoring

Our team of passionate and knowledgeable teachers & mentors work with students from grades K-12 at our campus in Hornsby, or in the comfort of your home to identify your specific strengths and areas of improvement to help you master the curriculum and improve your results at school.

One on one home tutoring
Inspirational mentors

2. We get you motivated, confident and organised with inspirational mentoring

Recognising that excelling in school isn’t simply an equation of knowing the curriculum, our team of tutors act as role models to mentor, support, challenge and encourage you! We provide you with a personalised study and learning plan to help you get motivated, organise your time, boost your memory retention and more!

3. We help you find a sense of purpose by connecting school to the real world

School and scoring a great ATAR is simply a stepping stone for life after school – we help you navigate this journey and find purpose through guiding you through subject selection, scholarships, help you road test different careers through work experience opportunities, demystify all the different post-school options and more!

Passionate and knowledgeable home tutors
Helen Miyakawa

“Art of Smart are not normal tutors! Rather, they are mentors who help you not only in your studies, but in life. Their experience and advice is extremely valuable and has greatly assisted me throughout high school, Year 12, and my transition to university. When I started working with my Art of Smart tutor my marks had dropped to 60%, but by the end of Year 12 I came 1st in my grade!”

Ming Yu

We’ve helped over 3,000 students achieve an average mark increase of 19.41%

Backed by our 8 years of research we’ve conducted with Australia’s top students on excelling at school, we have a proven track record, resources and support to help you achieve your goals.


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Adrian W


B.Science/Dip. Education

Leanne Lu



Sarah-Jane Eslick



Rowan Kunz

Economics & History


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