We know studying for HSC Ancient History can be really difficult!

So much content! So little time!

Well, we know that past papers are the best way to reinforce all that content and make sure you ace that HSC Ancient History Exam! 

So, with no further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of all the HSC Ancient History past papers you’ll ever need!

HSC Papers

 Year Papers Marking Guidelines
 2015 HSC 2015 Marking Guidelines 2015
 2014 HSC 2014 Marking Guidelines 2014
 2013 HSC 2013 Marking Guidelines 2013
 2012 HSC 2012 Marking Guidelines 2012
 2011 HSC 2011 Marking Guidelines 2011
 2010 HSC 2010 Marking Guidelines 2010
 2009 HSC 2009 Marking Guidelines 2009
 2008 HSC 2008 Marking Guidelines 2008
 2007 HSC 2007 Marking Guidelines 2007
 2006 HSC 2006 Marking Guidelines 2006
 2005 HSC 2005 Marking Guidelines 2005
 2004 HSC 2004 Marking Guidelines 2004
 2003 HSC 2003 Marking Guidelines 2003
 2002 HSC 2002 Marking Guidelines 2002
 2001 HSC 2001 Marking Guidelines 2001

Other Papers – Non-BOSTES & Catholic Schools Association

Papers Supplements
2010 CSSA Ancient History Trial 2010 CSSA Ancient History Trial – Source Booklet
2010 St Augustine’s Ancient History Trial
2009 CSSA Ancient History Trial
2009 Marist Ancient History Trial 2009 Marist Ancient History Trial – Marking Guidelines
2008 Independent Ancient History Trial
2008 ARC Ancient History Sample Trial
2006 CSSA Ancient History Trial
2006 HSC Ancient History Trial

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