“Working as an Art of Smart tutor & mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have!”


A Job Where You Actually Make a Difference


Forget stacking shelves, mixing drinks or waiting tables. Working as an Art of Smart tutor enables you to take all your knowledge, lessons and experience from excelling in Year 12 and give back! You’ll be using your brain while actively investing in the growth of someone else, mentoring them and supporting them grow, get confident and kickass at school and beyond!

Rewarding Pay and Pathways to Promotion

Not only is working as an Art of Smart tutor and mentor more intellectually stimulating then working in hospitality, retail, or administration, it also pays alot better! (Say goodbye to night shifts and long days on your feet!) At Art of Smart you’ll also have the opportunity to grow with the company, earning bonuses, becoming a Senior Coach, a Regional Team Leader, Senior Leadership Team member, Art of Smart Blogger and more!

Local Work and Flexible Hours that Fit Your Life

Say goodbye to the long commutes into the city, or major retail hubs. As an Art of Smart tutor, all your work is in your local area providing 1 on 1 tutoring in student’s homes. But it get’s even better…You choose your availability and set your schedule, so you can easily manage work, while juggling your university studies!

Ongoing Training, Mentoring & Support

You’ve got a whole team behind you, supporting you every step of the way as you tutor and mentor your students. Over the last decade we’ve developed a comprehensive training program to help you become a great tutor and mentor as well as develop key skills for your career beyond university. From highly engaging online training, monthly mentoring sessions to help you grow and quarterly professional development days, you’ll have autonomy with lots of support.

Access an Extensive Library of Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans

Use your own resources, or save time in preparing for lessons and better help your students by accessing at your fingertips thousands of comprehensive teaching notes, study notes, example essays, practice exam papers, worksheets and more that we’ve developed over the last decade so that you can give your students exactly what you need, when you need it!

A Great Launchpad for Your Career

With ongoing training and professional development, monthly mentoring, pathways to promotion and leadership roles, working as an Art of Smart tutor and mentor equips you with the skills and experience you need to open the door to your dream career after university. It looks great on your resume as it highlights for employers your leadership communication and rapport building skills, and you get a great reference when it comes to applying for graduate roles!

Work with a Fun, Young, Professional Team

You are the sum of the people around you and working with Art of Smart means that you’re a part of a young, fun, professional team all going places! Meet, network and make new friends with great people at our quarterly training events, local meet ups and celebrations. Working as an Art of Smart tutor and mentor, means you’re part of a tribe of people making a difference in the world, while having fun!

“I find simultaneously working with AoS and studying teaching the perfect combination – it has allowed me to really practice teaching my subject matter, build up my self-efficacy as an educator, and accumulate a repertoire of practices that I will be able to take with me into my future career as a teacher!”

Jess studying Education

Senior Academic Coach, Art of Smart Education

“Helping a student is one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll have in your life, it’s better than making a sandwich at Subway, or mixing drinks at a bar, you are actively engaging in the growth of another peer. This isn’t one of those brain numbing jobs where you sit around and perform repetitive actions, it’s a job that changes dynamically. You’re helping them through hurdles not only in their academic life, but their social life as well.”

Lawrence studying Engineering

Academic Coach, Art of Smart Education

So, here’s why you should apply…

Rewarding work making a difference in students’ lives
Work with a young, fun, professional & supportive team
Flexible hours around university & work commitments
Formal training program and certification
Leadership and communication development
Rewarding remuneration with pathways to promotion
Professional career development to give you an edge
Teaching and mentoring resources provided

Ready to get started?

Work local, earn great money and launch your career!

Here’s what we look for…

A Proven Academic Track Record

First and foremost, to be a great tutor you need to know your stuff, and that’s why we look for a proven academic track record. We take into account your ATAR, university results, whether you’ve completed an undergraduate degree or are completing a teaching degree!

Clear Communication Skills

While having strong academic credentials is important, it’s even more important to be able to communicate clearly – and that’s why we look for exceptional communicators skills. In our interview you’ll need to teach us a micro-lesson so we can best understand how you communicate!

A Role Model for Students

Great tutors go beyond teaching the syllabus content and this is a key part of our holistic approach as all our tutors provide mentoring for our students.

As a result we look for role models for students – so while a proven academic track record is important we also look for tutors who have life experience, from playing sport or musical instruments, travelling, speaking multiple languages, volunteering and more!

Driver’s Licence & Mobility

We provide 1 on 1 tutoring and mentoring in the comfort of a student’s home – this means that there’s some travel involved in the role.

We work to ensure that work with students is in local areas for our tutors, however having a driver’s license and mobility through access to a car makes things easier for everyone!

Passionate About Working with Young People

A great tutor motivates and inspires their students to want to learn, to want to excel, to stretch and to achieve their goals.

And that’s why being passionate about working with young people and teaching is critical – if you’re not passionate it’s very difficult to motivate and inspire someone else! As a result we look for people who are passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their best!

What are you waiting for?

Work local, earn great money, and launch your career!