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Keeping Your Sanity in Year 12

Finding that you're a bit stressed out? Not sure how to chill out? Find out our top tips for keeping your sanity throughout Year 12 and the HSC!

Surviving the HSC: Kindergarten Style

Everything you need to survive the HSC, you learnt about in kindergarten! Let Sibel talk you through the three tips from kindy that can help you in the HSC!

Prioritising, Why Is It Important?

Prioritising... It may be hard, but it's so worth it Prioritising is key in Year 12. If you don't prioritise and organise your tasks effectively, you could find yourself under

Finding a Balance in Year 12

Year 12 is a busy year and finding a work-life balance during the HSC can be difficult! However, we've got you covered with these 5 simple steps!

The Top Ten SAT Resources

Do you need help getting into your dream US College? We have compiled a list of the best resources, which Top SAT test takers used to help them study here!

5 Ways To Keep Fit During Exams

Are you having trouble staying healthy during assessment periods? Here are five easy tips to help you feel better and happier during stressful periods!

Minimising Procrastination

Finding that you procrastinate too often? Click to discover how to study smarter and banish procrastination forever.

Dealing with Post-Exam Depression

Not feeling so great after your last set of exams? Don't worry, it's completely normal - but you could do with some help! Here's what you need to do to

Tips For Keeping Fit During Exams

Exercise isn't everyone's cup of tea, and getting into a routine can be difficult, especially during exam times. Luckily, we know how to get you started with these handy tips

Surviving Pre-HSC Breakups

Breaking up sucks, even more so when the HSC is right around the corner, and we all know it's not quite easy to just 'forget about them'. Here's how you

How to Prevent Pre-HSC Exam Anxiety

The final few hours before HSC exam are always stressful, especially when the chaos can start with packing your bag. Here's our practical tips to help you avoid HSC Exam

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