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how to stay focused when studying

How to Stay Focused When Studying

It's difficult to stay focused while studying. Here are five simple tips to help you stay focused and minimise distractions while studying!


Guide to Year 11 Physics Module 2: Dynamics

As you settle in to the sometimes-wacky world that is thinking like a Physicist, our comprehensive guide to the new Year 11 Physics Module 2: Dynamics will help you become a


10 Tips to Survive & Excel in NAPLAN 2018

With NAPLAN right around the corner, stress levels often increase in homes around Australia. Here are 10 proven and practical tips you can implement to help your child and family

A Guide To The Year 5 NAPLAN For Parents

Is your son or daughter sitting the Year 5 NAPLAN soon? If so, you might've heard about how the NAPLAN is starting to have a differing and more significant role


A Guide To The Year 3 NAPLAN For Parents

So, you might've heard that the NAPLAN tests are changing over the next few years. The NAPLAN is starting to have a differing and more significant role in the schooling

2017 HSC Biology Exam Practice Paper

It can be so difficult to find a quality HSC Practice Paper. That's why we've put together a series of brand new 2017 HSC Practice Papers just for you!

2017 HSC Physics Exam Practice Paper

It can be so difficult to find a quality HSC Practice Paper. That's why we've put together a series of brand new 2017 HSC Practice Papers just for you!

Keeping Your Sanity in Year 12

Finding that you're a bit stressed out? Not sure how to chill out? Find out our top tips for keeping your sanity throughout Year 12 and the HSC!

A New Love Affair

Connecting with your HSC English Related Text is the key to getting a Band 6 in HSC English! We've got the guide to reconnecting with your related texts.


How to Tackle Your Teacher Troubles

Finding it hard to get along with your teacher? Not sure what to do or how to deal with it? Here's a step-by-step guide to dealing with it like a

dropping units

Dropping Units: Should I Do It?

Wondering whether you should drop down to 10 units in the HSC? Not sure how to make the right decision? We've got the guide to making the right choice.

HSC study notes

No Notes, No Worries

Need some help making a game plan for the weeks before HSC Trials? We've got you covered with our easy step-by-step guide!

Your HSC: As Told By Netflix Characters

We’ve all been there and you can’t deny it. You’re watching your favourite television series on Netflix, and your #1 character does something stupid - walks into the dark alley

Some Food for Thought

Energised brains are the key to effective studying! Find out what you should be snacking on during your HSC study to get those Band 6s!

HSC Economics Practice Essay Questions

Not sure where to find a complete list of common HSC Economics Questions? Look no more. Here is a complete list of the 20 most common HSC essay questions!

You, Your Family and the HSC

Despite what they all say about the HSC being a one man game- You V BOSTES. However that most definitely is not true, your family is there too.

The Uneducated Education System

Education is a privilege we are lucky to have, but there are aspects of the education system that are frustrating. Find out how we can overcome these issues!

The 8 Best Apps for the HSC

Getting through the HSC is usually about putting your phone away so you can study! However, sometimes your phone can help you get through Year 12. From alarm clocks to

Hayley's Hits For The HSC

We all know that awesome feeling on a Saturday night, when you're at a party with all your mates, and your favourite song comes on!  Whether you love a Chris

The 7 Types of HSC Students

How are you feeling? Being practically half way through the HSC. We've developed a list of the different types of HSC students, at this stage of the game.

Surviving the HSC: Kindergarten Style

Everything you need to survive the HSC, you learnt about in kindergarten! Let Sibel talk you through the three tips from kindy that can help you in the HSC!

The Reality of HSC Relationships

I have been in a relationship for 2 years and 8 months. *Cue the dramatic music* OK, so it's not really long enough to require dramatic music. There have been

Personal Statements: Personally Personalised

The past couple of weeks have been exciting, albeit slightly stressful, ones as we have continued to hurl through the incomprehensible space-time medium we call the HSC. As if manoeuvring

Prioritising, Why Is It Important?

Prioritising... It may be hard, but it's so worth it Prioritising is key in Year 12. If you don't prioritise and organise your tasks effectively, you could find yourself under

Finding a Balance in Year 12

Year 12 is a busy year and finding a work-life balance during the HSC can be difficult! However, we've got you covered with these 5 simple steps!

The Realities of the Final Year

So, this is it. The last year... now what? We all remember our first day of kindergarten, there were two kinds of kids; kids who were kicking and screaming begging

Should I Quit My Part-time Job

Wondering if you should keep working during the HSC? Consider these 4 instances that will help you make a better and informed decision.

HSC Legal Studies Past Papers - The Master List

Navigating the BOSTES website for Legal Studies Papers getting you flustered? We've got you covered! Here's a comprehensive list of all the HSC Legal Studies past papers you’ll ever need.

Morning of the Exam: Plan of Attack

If you panic the morning of an exam or don't know how to cope with stress the day of an exam, this article will help you figure out your plan

5 Common Myths For HSC Modern History

Here are the top 5 misconceptions and mistakes I made about HSC Modern History that could have cost me a Band 6. Are you also making the same mistakes?

What scholarships should I apply for?

Wanting to apply for a scholarship but unsure about which one? Read on to find out all about the types of scholarships and get great examples of each type

HSC Business Studies 101

Are you about to start HSC Business Studies? Are you lost? Are you about to have your final exam soon? Either way you need to know what's in this article!

The Top Ten SAT Resources

Do you need help getting into your dream US College? We have compiled a list of the best resources, which Top SAT test takers used to help them study here!

NAPLAN Practice Tests

Sick of sorting through individual, confusing NAPLAN practise tests? Erin has collected a neat list of FREE papers from the best sites for you!

11 FAQs for 2U Maths

Got questions about why you should do 2-unit Maths or what it entails? You'll find answers to most of those questions here!

FAQ for HSC Senior Science students

Should I teach myself a different module to the one taught in class? So, you’ve been doing a topic in class and you just don’t get it. Is it worth

Maths Extension 1 FAQ

So you're considering taking the plunge and doing 3-unit maths next year (in year 11), but you have some questions. Never fear! We are here with answers to some of

What is NAPLAN? The Breakdown

Sick of hearing confusing or daunting information about NAPLAN through your friends, family, or, heaven forbid, your own children? Erin has got you covered.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Is your child not doing what you want? Instead of awful punishment, try giving them cake, or not giving them cake. Confused? Read this to see what I mean.

Starting Uni After Taking A Gap Year

So you read our article on reasons to take a gap year after your HSC and you followed our advice. Perhaps you spent the year travelling or working or doing something

5 Reasons to Study in the USA

Have you ever considered studying in the USA? Here are 5 reasons why you should think about applying to an American College!

Top 5 FAQS About HSC Modern History

"If you hate writing essays, then obviously don't choose Modern History". If this is what you are told by other people, think twice! This article will give a deeper insight

5 Ways To Keep Fit During Exams

Are you having trouble staying healthy during assessment periods? Here are five easy tips to help you feel better and happier during stressful periods!

Deciphering Teacher Feedback

Wan't to figure out why you've been making so many mistakes. Read this to find out how can you improve your marks just by reading teacher feedback.

How To Study For 4 Unit Maths

HSC 4 Unit Maths is one of the most difficult but rewarding courses offered in the HSC. Here are 4 simple study tips to help you get that band E4!

10 Ways to Save Money in High School

Wish you had more money to afford those new shoes, that new phone or a sneaky holiday? Wondering how to save money in high school? Here are 10 Easy Ways.

Minimising Procrastination

Finding that you procrastinate too often? Click to discover how to study smarter and banish procrastination forever.

Where Should I Study for the HSC?

Feel Like This When Studying? Studying. Whether or not you want to, studying is an essential part to both learning and let’s face it, getting the mark that you want.

6 Reasons to Study Visual Arts for the HSC

So.. you’ve spent the last three hours studying cost benefit analysis. Sighing at the prospect of the hours ahead, you turn over to the next question and your eyes blur.

Extension 1 English Top 10 FAQ

Curious about studying HSC English Extension 1? We asked some of our students the top questions they wish they had asked before taking on the challenge!

HSC English Paper 1 Practice Paper

Studying for HSC English? Well, here's the good news - we generally know exactly what the 2016 HSC English Exam Paper 1 will look like, and how to practice!

7 Day Study Plan for HSC Biology

Ready to get down to studying HSC Biology? Make the most of your time before the HSC Trials and Exams with this 7 Day Study Plan!

HSC English Frequently Asked Questions

Just started studying English and have questions that need answering? We've got the answers with this handy list of HSC English Frequently Asked Questions!

HSC Chemistry Past Papers

Exams around the corner and stressing out about not practicing enough? Of course you are which is why we've got a HSC Chemistry Past Papers Master List!

25+ HSC Maths Past Paper Master List

Exams around the corner and stressing out about not having enough practice? Of course you are, which is why we've got a HSC Maths Past Paper Master List!

How to Set and Achieve Goals

What do Elon Musk, Chris Pratt and Mark Zuckerburg all have in common? They all know how to set and achieve their goals for both the short and long term!

Productive Stress Relief during STUVAC

You've been studying for eight hours straight and now you need a break. Why not enjoy your time off AND make it productive? Here are some suggestions how!

Hit Verbs for HSC English Success

'Discuss' and 'explore' and 'explain' - is there really a difference in what they mean? Absolutely! So here are the Hit Verbs for HSC English Success!

Make Effective To-Do Lists

You have stuff to do. You'll do it. You'll write it down but it still doesn't get done. Here's how you can make Simple and Effective To-Do Lists!

How Fallout 4 Will Help Your HSC

Fallout 4 just dropped and Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause 3 are just around the corner. Here's how Fallout 4 will help your HSC and help you to study!

How To: Reverse ATAR Calculators

Setting an ATAR can set your expectations for what you'll achieve in the HSC. Not sure what to expect? Here's how to use the reverse ATAR Calculator!

7 Study Styles for HSC Success

Did you know that there are 7 distinct learning styles? Find out which ones you can use to boost the effectiveness of your study!

Dealing with Post-Exam Depression

Not feeling so great after your last set of exams? Don't worry, it's completely normal - but you could do with some help! Here's what you need to do to

5 Best Apps For Keeping Fit During The HSC

'Staying fit' and 'studying' are probably not words you immediately think of together - maybe you're thinking of 'chocolate' and 'studying'. However, here's the 5 best apps to help you

Tips For Keeping Fit During Exams

Exercise isn't everyone's cup of tea, and getting into a routine can be difficult, especially during exam times. Luckily, we know how to get you started with these handy tips

State Ranker's #1 HSC Study Tip

When you're in it to win, you don't play the game - you stay ahead of it. Or in the case of the HSC, you stay ahead of your class.

How To Remember Everything For An Exam

You’re in an exam. You’ve revised all night. You read a question. Hey! You know that word! But... what was the answer you spent so long cramming last night? Here's

Making the most of the HSC STUVAC

Contrary to popular belief, STUVAC doesn't mean 'student vacation', but 'study vacation'. Here's how you can make the most of HSC STUVAC using sharp techniques in the month leading up

Major Tips for HSC Major Works

Major works are a marathon like exams and assessments are a sprint, and like all marathons, requires training. Managing major works can be a major pain in the ass, but

Surviving Pre-HSC Breakups

Breaking up sucks, even more so when the HSC is right around the corner, and we all know it's not quite easy to just 'forget about them'. Here's how you

How to Prevent Pre-HSC Exam Anxiety

The final few hours before HSC exam are always stressful, especially when the chaos can start with packing your bag. Here's our practical tips to help you avoid HSC Exam

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