Uni Open Days are the actual best.

You can talk to students and receive a hands on experience walking around the campus. They also give you a chance to explore the uni and get a general vibe of the campus.

Suffice to say we highly recommend going to them if at all possible!

The problem is that many universities have their open days on the same day so it can be extremely frustrating when deciding which one to attend!

So how do you go about choosing which Uni Open Day to go to?


Why go to a Uni Open Day?

Universities put a lot of money into putting on an Open Day, so why should you go to one?

To get a feel of the university

You won’t know what your campus is like unless you visit it!

Would you rather be able to take a step out from your classroom and be in the heart of the city? Then the UTS City Campus would be perfect for you.

Or would you rather sitting by an open green lake and watching the ducks? Then Macquarie University’s North Ryde Campus sounds more like your kind of place!

To talk to current students and academics

You might think that the internet has all the answers, and you’re not wrong. However, universities often ask current students and academics to be at Open Days to talk about their experience and knowledge of courses, life and other issues at the Uni.

Getting to hear about what really goes on can be a real deal breaker of whether or not that Uni or course is for you!

Which Uni Open Days should I go to?

Tip 1:

Go to the universities that offer the course you want to do, rather than go with friends.

It seems like a no brainer but there’s always people who don’t capitalise on opportunities – don’t be one of them!

Tip 2:

Rank your preferred courses in a list (almost like UAC preferences) and choose the open days based on that.

If two uni’s have open days on the same date go to the one that has a higher rank.

Tip 3:

If you are genuinely considering studying in the country or in another city, plan a visit to that campus and seeing student accommodation and the like.

It’s not a smart idea to move so far away when you haven’t even seen the campus in person (if you had the opportunity of course).

Tip 4:

Go with your parents — while it might sound lame or nerdy your parents know you best!

Taking them with you can be very helpful as they can give their opinions if you’re confused about uni’s/ preferences. That’s not to say that you should base your uni choice on your parents, rather look to them for some guidance if you are undecided on uni’s or want an honest second opinion.

Tip 5:

Maximise your time and plan visiting 2 universities in one day if you can.

While this may not be ideal if you want to spend all day at one campus, it can be very useful if you want to see two uni’s, talk to people from each one and compare them. A great double open day its USYD and UTS because they are just down the road from each other!

The Right Questions to Ask at Uni Open Days

Not sure what the dress code for uni is?


Want to know the key competences to be achieved in International Trade and Finance Law?

All questions great and small can be asked of the Uni representatives at Uni Open Days, and if they don’t know the answer, they will know someone who does!

Luckily for you – we’ve put together the comprehensive list of questions to ask at your Uni Open Day! 

You can even download the list of questions to take with you to the uni open days you go to so you won’t miss anything!

Wondering how to make the right decision when choosing which university you’d like to attend in 2019?

Check out this video with our CEO Rowan Kunz, where he outlines the 3 biggest mistakes students make when choosing a university!

We’ve also put together a master-list of all the major Uni Open Days for 2018 that you can check out right here! 

Need more help choosing your university?

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