I get it. I really do.

You’re giving this relationship your all. But they’re not giving back.

It’s frustrating.

You’re trying to make it work. Trying to rekindle that spark… but its’s infuriating.

Where your relationship is heading, just doesn’t reflect your commitment nor the effort and time you’ve invested into it.

You’re on the verge of ending things. You’re both better off that way. Or are you?

You need your English texts, and your English texts need you! It’s time to rekindle that spark and start a new love affair!

Trials are just around the corner and getting cozy with your texts again is pretty important (especially if you haven’t even glanced at them since half yearlies!). However, its not the easiest to reread your prescribed texts, especially if you disliked them to begin with.

Trust me. This may be one of those relationships, with its constant ups and downs, but no matter what, your texts will always be there! You must (re)ignite the flame and become emotionally invested in them.

I Grew to Love my Texts!

I hated quite a few of my prescribed texts.

I truly did.

I despised the author, the characters, the plot.  *cough* The Motorcycle Diaries *cough*

I honestly tried to find at least a singular aspect of the text to attach myself to.   But I couldn’t.

It was a relationship I was forced into.  An arranged marriage.

So, when I realised it was a relationship I had to maintain throughout the entire year, a little part of me shrivelled and died.

It was a struggle.  

I had found it hard enough to connect with the texts in the first place.  

The thought of trying to maintain a ‘barely there’ relationship for the entire year scared me.  A lot.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but developing that strong relationship with my texts was actually REALY important in the HSC.

Almost all the module A questions in advanced required you to use a specific extract from the text in your essay response.

A specific extract!

If I hadn’t of managed to restart a love affair with my texts, I wouldn’t have been familiar with the random extract they had selected as part of the essay question.  I probably would have struggled a lot more…

But I didn’t.

I reignited the flame between my texts and I, and kept it burning brightly.

You can do the same thing with these super simple tricks!

Step 1

Look at your Love with Fresh Eyes

Try as hard as possible to have an open mind when re-reading the text.  Don’t let preconceived notions of the text turn you off them.

Often, an open mind leads to a new understanding…

A new understanding leads to an alternate perspective on something you one despised… it leads to a new love affair!

Step 2

Show Care and Affection

Rather than skim reading, which usually happens when reading the text for the first time within a time frame to get an assessment done, read with care.

Reading with care can also help aid your understanding of the text, and you might develop an interest you didn’t have before. You might even develop… *gasp* love?

Step 3

Record Relationship Milestones

Preplan and prepare, your relationship milestones.

Set goals of how much of the text you will read / watch / analyse each night.  Perhaps you’ll become so engrossed in your text, you might finish it in one go?

Preplanning does take away from the excitement and spontaneity of a new relationship….

But who are we kidding, its not like our texts will actually mind!

Step 4

Learn New Things About One Another

Just like any relationship, you want to make sure that you’re constantly finding out new things about one another to keep the connection fresh.

Purposely discover new things about your texts which interest you.  You may find it becomes easier to connect with them.

Step 5

Find Common Interests

Finding a common interest provides a level to instantly connect upon.  With your english texts, this common interest would be the related text.

Choose a related text that you love reading / watching (and will be happy to re-read / re-watch multiple times without getting sick of). That way, when you’re giving attention to your related text, you feel compelled to give equal attention to your prescribed text.

Equal attention = Equal love

Even when the time comes to break up with your texts after the HSC, they will always hold a special place in your heart.

Good Luck!

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