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Holistic K-12 Tutoring

Receive personalised tutoring that caters to your needs to help you reach your goals!

Comprehensive Workshops

Attend our master-class workshops on how to ace your essays, assessments and exams!

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Study, Uni, Career Mentoring

Learn how to lift results and maximise future opportunities while staying happy and healthy!

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We deliver tailor-made workshops for your school from study skills to wellbeing and more!

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    • Why do you call your coaches ‘Academic Tutors and Mentors'?
      We believe that a great tutor does more than just teach – they mentor, challenge and inspire you, and that’s why we call our tutors, Academic Tutors and Mentors!
    • Are your tutors qualified?
      All of our team members must pass a strict recruitment process, where they simulate a tutoring session so we can assess their communication skills, content knowledge and confidence with teaching. They also complete a mandatory training program which helps them build strong foundations for teaching and equips them with tools they need to deliver personalised lessons.

      We have 400+ tutors and mentors with an average ATAR of 96+. In our team, 21% are teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree or are studying teaching. All of our tutors are certified to work with children and have received a Working With Children’s Check.
    • What results do your students achieve after tutoring with you?
      Our Year 12 2020 1 on 1 tutoring students experienced on average, a mark improvement of 20.24% and our class tutoring students on average improved by 25.03%!
    • How does payment work?
      We enable you to manage your own account via an online portal where you can see all tutoring that has taken place, read lessons notes from our tutors, and make payment via direct deposit, credit card, or BPAY.

      For 1 on 1 tutoring, lessons are prepaid in 4 or 10 hour packs. For our classes, lessons are pre-paid in advance for a school term.
    • Are there any contracts?
      For our 1 on 1 tutoring, we don’t have any contracts and you can cease 1 on 1 lessons at any time, with a minimum of 24 hours notice. You will receive a full refund for any 1 on 1 lessons prepaid for that are unused.

      For our classes, lessons are paid for a school term. If your tutoring support needs to change during the term and classes are no longer the correct fit for a student, we provide a transfer of the credit towards 1 on 1 tutoring with Art of Smart.

      There are no booking fees across our 1 on 1 tutoring and classes.
    • Is there a free trial?
      For 1 on 1 tutoring, we don’t provide a free trial as we do not have any contracts. If you're not happy with the first lesson, we simply invoice you for 1 hour and cancel your account.

      For our classes, we provide a 1st Lesson Money Back Guarantee. This means that you pay for the school term, but if after the first lesson, you decide the class is not the right fit for you, then we provide you with a 100% refund on the entire term. This way, you can make sure that the class is the right support for you!
    • Can I get a discount?
      For 1 on 1 tutoring, we provide a 5% discount for prepayment of 10+ hours of tutoring. Should you wish to prepay for more than 10 hours a further discount will be offered!

      If you enrol in 2 classes, we provide a 10% enrolment discount, and if you enrol in 3+ classes, we provide a 15% enrolment discount.
    • Can I arrange fortnightly or monthly lessons, rather than weekly lessons?
      1 on 1 tutoring lessons are completely flexible, and are tailored to each student. If all that is required is a lesson fortnightly, or monthly, then we are more than happy to suit your needs. However, we typically find that students who have regular weekly lessons see the most improvement!
    • What if I can’t make a 1 on 1 tutoring lesson? Do I still need to pay?
      As long as you provide us with at least 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson, you won’t be charged for that lesson. You can discuss rescheduling the lesson for another time with your coach.
    • What if I can’t make a class? Do I still need to pay?
      As our classes run on a schedule, we cannot offer any make-up classes unless we run a second class for that subject during the week. If we do run a second class (either online, or at one of our campuses) your child can attend this class as a make-up.

      If there is no second class, your child will miss the class and no make-up class will be provided. We will, however, provide your child with the lesson notes from the class, update their personal learning plan with revision work to help them catch up, and also work with them in our tutorials to fill in their gaps.

      If the subject provides bonus integrated 1 on 1 tutoring sessions, one of these can be booked to support your child with the content they missed. Alternatively, you can also book a 1 on 1 tutoring session with our team at an additional cost.
    • Do you provide 1 on 1 or class tutoring?
      We provide both 1 on 1 tutoring and small group classes! Our 1 on 1 tutoring sessions can occur in-person at your home, at our Hornsby or Hills Campus or online. Our small group classes are run at our state of the art Hornsby and Hills Campuses.
    • Can I meet the tutor in person first?
      No, however as part of our getting started process, once you’ve made a booking, your Art of Smart tutor, or class teacher will contact you to introduce themselves and discuss your child’s needs. You’ll then get to meet your tutor at the first lesson or class.
    • Do you provide resources?
      Our team of teachers have developed comprehensive K-12 syllabus aligned tutoring resources to support your learning in sessions.

      You will be able to access these comprehensive resources for your subject via our learning platform, AoS Online, which has been specifically designed to support students with their tutoring and ongoing study. Resources are accessible via desktop applications on Windows and iOS, and mobile applications on iOS and Android.

      Your tutor or class teacher will also order printed resources for you based on your subject and module/topic and we’ll ship these printed resources direct to your home so you can supercharge your learning in tutoring sessions with your Art of Smart tutor!
    • What if my child doesn’t like their assigned tutor?
      It is absolutely vital that a student and a coach get along – this is a key factor in a successful tutoring relationship! While we carefully match students with specific tutors who we believe will be a good fit, we don’t always get it right the first time.

      As a result, if after an initial lesson (or even after ongoing sessions), you decide that your tutor isn’t the right fit for you, please get in touch with our support team so we can work with you to identify another Art of Smart tutor from our team who will be a better match for your child.
    • My child is in primary school and I don’t know what they need help with specifically. Can you help?
      Yes, as we tailor lessons to a student’s needs, if you require an assessment of where your child is at in terms of the syllabus for school, our coach will conduct an assessment in the first lesson.

      They will look through current and past work your child has completed including any tests or assignments. Additionally, they will complete a short test to identify areas that your child is strong in, and areas which could do with improvement (based on syllabus outcomes).
    • What is a Kickstarter Session?
      Every initial tutoring lesson we provide for students in Years 7-12 is a special Kickstarter tutoring session, where our coach works with your child to holistically identify where your child is at. This includes identifying what help they need, developing a plan of attack to help them achieve their goals and hit the ground running with a tutoring session. Our Kickstarter Session enables us to know exactly what help your child needs so we can ensure that the time we spend tutoring your child is targeted and highly effective in helping them achieve their goals.
    • What is your Pathfinder Program?
      Pathfinder is a personalised mentoring program that gives students in Years 10-12 a personalised game plan to help them lift their results, maximise their future study opportunities and stand out. We support students to get motivated, organised and focussed so they can lift their results at school with less stress and anxiety, while also getting clarity on university and career pathways.
    • What type of study skills do you help with?
      We help students develop a wide range of study skills including: time management, motivation, study note writing, study planning, effective study strategies, staying healthy, stress management, exam preparation and technique, university options, early entry and scholarship application writing and lots more!
    • What type of student should join the Pathfinder program?
      The Pathfinder program supports a wide range of students, including: Students struggling with motivation for school, getting started with study or finding a direction for their future career path Students feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious for exams and assessments, or struggling to maintain their wellbeing while studying Students interested in exploring opportunities for life after school including building leadership and enterprise skills, building their personal brand and network in a competitive job market Students who are interested in funding their university study while gaining priceless work experience through support applying for early entry, scholarships and co-ops
    • Is there a contract? Can I cancel mentoring at any time?
      One-on-one mentor sessions are billed in blocks of 4 hours at a time. Should you wish to cancel at any time we require atleast 24 hours notice.
    • What workshops do you offer?
      For Years 11 and 12, we offer holiday revision and exam preparation workshops in core subjects, including: Maths, English, Sciences and Economics. These workshops are carefully designed to be short (2-3 hours long), but highly targeted, covering the most challenging areas students struggle with.

      For Years 9 and 10, we offer English workshops that are designed to be short 2-hour, highly targeted sessions that help students grasp the most important foundational skills and concepts that they’ll need to apply throughout English in Years 11 and 12.
    • Who are workshops for?
      Our holiday workshops are designed specifically for students in Years 9-12.

      We also run workshops and webinars for parents from time to time. These are usually held throughout the school year – we recommend signing up to our mailing list to be notified of these!
    • How long are workshops?
      Our workshop lengths vary depending on year group. Our Years 9 and 10 workshops are 2 hour sessions while our Years 11 and 12 workshops are 2.5 to 3 hours long.
    • Why should I book a workshop?
      Our Holiday Kickstarter Workshops have been designed to help students revise the most challenging areas of the syllabus from the prior school term, so they can consolidate their knowledge and minimise any learning gaps. We also introduce students to key content from the upcoming school term, so they’re ready for the new term after the school holidays.
    • When are they held?
      We run workshops throughout the school holidays that are held online and at our campuses in Hornsby and the Hills.
    • Do you offer any free webinars or workshops?
      Yes, these are different to our holiday programs and are run at key points during the term. They focus on key problems for various year groups and can be for parents or students. We recommend signing up to our mailing list to be notified of when we run these free webinars and workshops!
    • Do you have any workshops that might help me as a parent to support my child with their studies?
      Yes, we run a parent webinar and workshop series throughout the year to support parents. These cover topics including how to help your teen with motivation, procrastination, time management, study planning, stress management and more! We recommend signing up to our mailing list to be notified of when we run these parent webinars and workshops!
    • What programs can you offer my school?
      We run workshops for students in Years 7-12 that cover study skills, wellbeing, careers and successfully transitioning to university.
    • How do I book a school program?
      Simply get in touch with our team and let us know what topic area and specific focusses you would like! Additionally, let us know how many students you have, your available day, and requested workshop length. We can then provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.
    • Can you tailor a program to our school’s needs?
      Yes, in fact, we work closely with schools to create tailored programs that support the specific needs of your students. If you get in touch to let us know what challenges and topic areas you’d like to address, we’ll design a suggested workshop for you!
    • What areas do you offer school programs for?
      We provide workshops in schools across metropolitan Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. We can also provide workshops outside of these areas depending on travel time and costs.