Their faces only reflected abject horror as they imagined themselves come next year- bags laden with burdensome and unfathomable tomes, eyes glazed over thanks to countless sleepless nights, spirit shattered courtesy of a flurry of fail grades, essentially, turning into creatures akin to uniformed zombies. 

This is the scenario that most students’ imaginations conjure up at the mere mention of the acronym ‘HSC’.

But your HSC can very easily be the exact opposite of this, given a little bit of initiative and optimism on your part and of course, your inclination to read what I have to say!


How to enjoy yourself whilst doing your HSC?

At School: Where you most acutely feel the doom of HSC

Form friendships

HSC is when you, and your peers alike, are wading through murky waters. And it is often during such times that the most solid of friendships are formed and sustained. So, whether or not you feel lonely, I recommend talking to people outside of your lunch group mates. This will enable you to share your struggles and thoughts with people who are experiencing similar things.


Join a club or society

If your school, like mine, has any clubs or societies, go take a part in them. Whether or not you enjoy the activity or not, oftentimes, you’ll come out of it feeling refreshed (it’ll make you temporarily forget about your exam in the next period)!

Take part in committees

Your last two years as seniors at your high school present you with several opportunities to broaden your horizons and have fun along the way. One such opportunity is the several committees, such as Jersey, Formal, Yearbook committees, that are formed solely to make your experience at school more memorable. Take part in them so that you can say with pride that you had a hand in creating the awesome jersey that you are sporting!

Find the enjoyable bits in your coursework

Sure, the very idea of Shakespeare probably gives you the shudders but there are enjoyable things in studying even the old coot’s plays. Personally, I laughed every single time I read aloud the Fool’s ‘coxcomb’ monologues in King Lear! And I’m sure you can find something in one of your subjects that makes you want to study it just a little bit more.

Outside of School: Where the presence of HSC is a bit less pronounced

Get a part time job

A part time job can not only provide you with a distraction, but can also make you a bit of extra cash, which you could buy your very first car with! And not to mention that it looks pretty darn fantastic on your resume.

Take up an activity that you genuinely enjoy

Do you like the idea of playing the piano or improving your butterfly stroke or perhaps learning a new video game? Despite popular opinion, if there is anything that you have always wanted to do, your HSC might be the best time for you to take part in it.

According to recent research,  activities like playing an instrument, participating in a sport or learning a new language, actually sharpen your brain and make it work faster in other areas as well.

Consider blogging

Writing about your High School experience or anything that takes your fancy will not only improve your writing skills but also make you remember and cherish the good parts of you being you in your context!

Get out there and discover your favorite holiday spots

Visiting to your favourite holiday spots near you with your family and/or friends over the weekends will energise you for the week ahead and also give you something to look forward to during the week.

Remember to have ‘me’ time

Reward yourself by going to the beach or playing your favourite video game and just relaxing, whenever things get too overwhelming.

Yes, HSC is a stressful experience but….

Above all else, HSC is a taste of what reality is probably going to be like. So take it in a stride and live it, instead of being daunted by it. Trust me, you’ll come out of it feeling renewed and alive!

Good Luck!

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Mansahaj Kaur completed her HSC in 2015 and now studies Bachelor of Commerce and Laws at USyd. She thinks that English is the most versatile and loveable language on planet Earth and she loves dabbling in anything English related, writing included. But then again, this could be because she hasn’t learnt French or German or Japanese yet. But it’s on her bucket list, mind you! Her desire to learn another language or two is only matched by her passion for eclectic tones and mystery dramas- yes yes, Sherlock, too. She is an avid reader and writer, her favourite series still being Harry Potter, despite her having read numerous renowned classics. Mansahaj likes to think that by becoming a lawyer, she might be able to make a slight, small-as-your-pinkie, teensy difference in the world; but that could be wishful thinking!