HSC Ancient History Past Papers

We know studying for Ancient can be really difficult, and so can getting your hands on all the HSC Ancient History past papers you need!

So much content! So little time!

However, we know that HSC Ancient History past papers are the best way to reinforce all that content and make sure you ace that HSC Ancient History Exam! 

From 2019, there will be some changes to the structure of the Ancient History HSC Exam.

There will no longer be multiplechoice questions in the Cities of Vesuvius Source Study. The section will instead consist of three or four questions, with one worth 10-15 marks.

While the Ancient Society section in past exams had four questions, it may now have three or four.

There have also been slight changes to the Personality section, instead of two questions, there can now be two or three, with at least one of them worth 10-15 marks.

The Historical Period Section remains the same, providing two 25 mark essay questions, one of which you are required to answer.

But don’t worry too much about these changes, you can take a look at the sample paper for the 2019 exam here. 

However – the old past papers are not useless, they are still great practice for the real thing! Just be mindful and aware that some of the sections will look different and the question types may be different.

So, without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of all the HSC Ancient History past papers you’ll ever need!

HSC Ancient History Past Papers

Year Papers Marking Guidelines
2018 HSC 2018 Marking Guidelines 2018
2017 HSC 2017 Marking Guidelines 2017
2016 HSC 2016 Marking Guidelines 2016
2015 HSC 2015 Marking Guidelines 2015
2014 HSC 2014 Marking Guidelines 2014
2013 HSC 2013 Marking Guidelines 2013
2012 HSC 2012 Marking Guidelines 2012
2011 HSC 2011 Marking Guidelines 2011
2010 HSC 2010 Marking Guidelines 2010
2009 HSC 2009 Marking Guidelines 2009
2008 HSC 2008 Marking Guidelines 2008
2007 HSC 2007 Marking Guidelines 2007
2006 HSC 2006 Marking Guidelines 2006
2005 HSC 2005 Marking Guidelines 2005
2004 HSC 2004 Marking Guidelines 2004
2003 HSC 2003 Marking Guidelines 2003
2002 HSC 2002 Marking Guidelines 2002
2001 HSC 2001 Marking Guidelines 2001

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