Struggling to write a Band 6 creative writing story on ‘discovery’ for HSC English?


Get started with our Creative Writing Crash Course delivered by one of our experts at our Campus or in your home!

Lesson 1: Defining Discovery & Developing Your Story Idea

In this session we’ll break down the HSC English syllabus and rubric on discovery and use this to start developing ideas for your story. We’ll then dive into developing a character and setting for your story which you can then use to shape your plot!

Lesson 2: Developing your Character and Mapping Out Your Plot

In this session we’ll go deeper into developing your character and setting so that they stand out to a HSC marker. We’ll also importantly explore the 5 point plot structure and help you develop a killer plot for your story!

Lesson 3: Constructing your Inciting Incident and Rising Action of Your Story

In this session we’ll develop and write your inciting incident and the rising action of your story, two key elements in creating a powerful and engaging story! We’ll also work with you to refine this so it’s a killer start for your story!

Lesson 4: Developing your Conflict and Climax of Your Story

In this session we’ll develop and write the central conflict and climax of your story two key elements of the 5 point plot structure that all great stories follow. We’ll also work with you refine this so you’ve got a killer body for your story!

Lesson 5: Completing Your Piece and Polishing it into a Band 6 Story

In this session we’ll finish crafting and writing your story! We’ll develop and write the resolution and we’ll work with you on an editing checklist we’ll apply to polish your creative writing to ensure it’s Band 6 quality!


Lesson 6: Preparing for HSC Exams – Adapting Your Story to HSC Exam Stimuli

In the final session we’ll focus on preparing you for the HSC English exam and the creative writing component – specifically helping you identify how to adapt your story to any stimulus you might receive!

What do you get from the course?

6 x 1.5 Hour Lessons

We’ll work with you for a total of 9 hours as quickly as you need to craft your Band 6 creative story!

1 on 1 tutoring in your home

Our expert tutors will work with you 1 on 1 in your home or at our Campus it’s personalised to your needs!

Student Workbook

You’ll receive our proven workbook that provides you with a framework for writing a killer Band 6 creative story!

Extensive Feedback

You’ll receive extensive feedback and marking from our expert tutor to polish your creative story into a Band 6!

The end result?

You will finish the course with a killer creative writing story on ‘discovery’ that you can adapt to any stimulus that you get in the final HSC Exams for HSC English!


  • 6 x 1.5 hours of lessons
  • 9 hours total
  • Works out at equivalent of $70 per hour
  • 1 on 1 tutoring in your home
  • Personalised to your needs
  • Extensive marking and feedback
  • Student workbook to guide writing process
  • Complete the course with a polished HSC English creative writing piece

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