Great teachers & tutors are role models, coaches, advisors and mentors. 

They challenge, support, encourage and inspire you!

Meet Our Amazing Team

Hornsby Campus

Adrian Wenderborn

Maths & Science

B.Science/Dip Ed

Janaki Bahadur


M.English Literature/M.Teach

Geraldine Triveno


B.Science/PHD (current)

Leanne Lu



Poonam Pesic


B.Med Science/M.Teach

Kayley Fender



Sarah-Jane Eslick



Genevieve D’Netto


B.Arts/B.Education (Current)

Patrick Marshall


B.Med Science/B.Medicine (Current)

Stuart Holt


B.Arts/M.Teach (Current)

Jack Wang



Curtis Chan


B.Psychology (Current)

1 on 1 Tutoring & Mentoring Team

Isabella Hanley

Maths, English, Science

B.Med Science (Current)

Vamsi Srinivasan

Maths, Physics

B.Adv Science (Physics) (Current)

Alex Cheng

English, History, Legal

B.Business/B.Law (Current)

Lauren Lai

English, History, Legal

B.Law/B.Social Research (Current)

Brookyln Talbot

English, History, Visual Arts

B.Arts (English) (Current)

Matthew Saunders

Maths, Science

B.Science (Forensic Chemistry) (Current)

Lucy Smith-Stevens

English, History, Drama

B.Arts (Current)

Thomas Woolley

Economics, Business Studies

B.Commerce/B.Education (Current)

+ 250 passionate tutors across Sydney and Melbourne!

Overall our team of teachers and tutors are…

Academically Successful with Strong Subject Matter Expertise

First and foremost, to be a great teacher and tutor you need to know your stuff, and that’s why our tutors and mentors are all academically successful, including qualified teachers to 98+ ATAR scorers and State Rankers.

This means our team has practical, in-depth and fresh knowledge about the subjects they teach so they can ensure you develop a powerful understanding of your school syllabus!

Clear Communicators who Transform Complex to Simple

While having strong academic credentials is important, it’s even more important to be able to communicate clearly – and that’s why our tutors are exceptional communicators, many coming from background in debating, public speaking and drama.

As a result, not only are our tutors incredibly knowledgeable, they are communicators who can make the most difficult things simple to understand.

Role Models to Guide, Support & Inspire You

Great tutors go beyond teaching the curriculum. They coach, mentor, advise and inspire and as part of our holistic approach all our tutors provide mentoring to help you develop confidence, powerful study habits, organise your time, prepare effectively for exams and help you successfully transition from high school to life after school!

As a result, our tutors are role models to guide you through the complexities of school!

Equipped with an Extensive Library of Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans

All of our tutors have at their fingertips thousands of comprehensive teaching notes, study notes, example essays, practice exam papers, worksheets and more so that they can give you exactly what you need, when you need it!

Certified through our Comprehensive Training Program

We’re committed to providing the highest quality tutoring and mentoring possible.

To ensure we deliver on this commitment all of our tutors complete and get certified through our comprehensive training program which equips them with the skills and frameworks they need to deliver great quality tutoring and mentoring for you!

Cleared with Working with Children Checks

All our teachers and tutors have undergone state-based child protection screening checks to ensure they can work with young people.

So this way you can rest assured that we’ve undertaken the appropriate checks to ensure that our tutors are trustworthy and appropriate role models!

Backed by our 8 Years of Research with Australia’s Top Students

Our team use our 8 years of research we’ve conducted with the Top 2% of students in Australia who scored an ATAR of over 98 to provide you with proven recommendations and resources on studying and excelling in school throughout all of our sessions with you.

This way you can be confident that drawing upon the strategies used by Australia’s top students, we know exactly how to help you start achieving better results at school.

“Our Art of Smart tutor’s passion, communication style and commitment to helping our son achieve great results paid off. Our son re-engaged with the subject as a result of our tutors’s in depth understanding of the topics and his interesting interactive approach to tutoring – so much so that our son came 1st in his school!”

Helen Miyakawa

Our teachers and tutors get proven results


On average our students achieve a mark improvement of 19.41%



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