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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie Uni

You now know all the facts and stats about the Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie Uni. If you don’t, have a quick look here!

But, are you still curious about how people feel about this degree? Wonder no more! We chatted with Pascale, a Bachelor of Laws and Security Studies student at Macquarie about what this degree is really like to study. 

Have a look! 

Why should you study a Law degree at Macquarie?
Top 3 Pros of a Law Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Law Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Law degree at Macquarie?

The Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie Uni is a multifaceted degree that will hone in on your skills while simultaneously giving you new skills! This degree allows students to think critically and look at issues from many different approaches, giving them the opportunity to explore ideas they never would have initially considered.

“Macquarie has a fantastic and interactive law degree that helps you learn the content with some of the best top-quality tutors and lecturers available, who are also often times very witty, quirky and make for fantastic stories of crazy uni experiences,” Pascale says. 

Top 3 Pros of a Laws Degree

#1: The Culture

Macquarie is known for being a fun and very social uni — Macquarie Law School is no exception to this notion! 

The Law Society is great, heavily funded, and very diverse. They host annual cruises, balls, and many weekly events that provide law students with exclusive access to a plethora of opportunities, and often, free stuff! Plus, they have large bar tabs at every cruise, ball or city drinks night out!” Pascale reveals. 

#2: The Staff 

The staff within the Macquarie Law School are known for being inspiring, fun and genuinely interested in watching their students succeed

“The Teaching Faculty is incredible — so many standout lecturers and tutors. A special mention goes to Zara Bending for being an inspiration for passionate young women studying law! Also, she’s hilarious and very witty — doesn’t miss a beat with her comebacks,” Pascale says.

#3: The Real Life Experiences 

The Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie Uni requires students to complete a PACE unit. This basically means that students have the opportunity to complete work experience within organisations relevant to their field of interest!

Bachelor of Laws Macquarie - Student Quote

Top 3 Cons of a Laws Degree

#1: The Large Workload

Within this degree, there is a large number of readings and content that you will have to stay on top of. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, the assessments and tasks you will complete within this degree will be really fun and insightful! 

“Every assessment is different depending on the unit. Sure, you get essays (which are honestly very interesting), but you also get many different formats.

In Criminal Law, you can be asked to present an opening or closing statement for a hypothetical case, or in International Law, you can be asked to update an existing Treaty for modern use. They vary greatly but are always a new and interesting challenge,” Pascale says. 

#2: The High ATAR Needed for Admission 

For guaranteed admission into this degree, you’ll need an ATAR of 96 or higher. This is obviously quite a steep ATAR to achieve and may seem intimidating, but do not fret — there are other ways into studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie.

Alternative ways to get into this degree include:

#3: The High Volume of Reading Required 

Law is one of those degrees where you can’t slack on your readings. Due to the high volume of content, you’ll have to stay on top of your readings and coursework — though this shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

The readings are always very interesting, some are definitely drier than others, but you will gain something from each of them,” Pascale says. 


Any regrets?

There’s no doubt that studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie can be extremely difficult. If you are struggling and do not ask for help, you can become overwhelmed very easily.

While Pascale hasn’t expressed any regrets for taking on this degree, she does point out that students may regret not asking for help when they need it. 

You can book in or simply rock up to one-on-one help with your tutors in their designated free consultation hours every week. They’re all very friendly, intelligent and great communicators.

I’ve used consultation hours in the past, and they helped me jump from a Credit to a High Distinction in some assessments,” Pascale says. 

What do you wish you had known before starting a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie? 

Pascale gives us her tips on what you should know and realise before studying Law at Macquarie! 

“The expectations are high, however, the support is there if you need it. You develop writing and speaking skills at every stage of the degree, and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in law competitions, workshops and other activities that can propagate you further into a higher bracket of skill-development,” Pascale says.

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

The Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie Uni is a very social degree. Students and teachers develop close bonds that allow them to grow and develop academically! 

“You get to know your cohort, and it’s not like school in that people in all years of their degree mix in classes. You make many like-minded friends, and the even better part is when you meet people who aren’t like-minded and learn new ways of seeing things,” Pascale reveals. 

What inspired you to choose a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie?

There are many different reasons students chose to study a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie — from the experiences to the teaching staff, there are plenty of reasons why this degree is awesome! Pascale tells us their reason for studying at Macquarie Uni.

“Macquarie, in my opinion, is the most social uni in Sydney. The campus is beautiful and, unlike other unis, pretty consolidated into one large area (not broken up and strewn across the city like others).

This means you get to see members of your cohort in all parts of the uni. Also, Law students have their own common room, and are set to have their own Law Building in 2022, I believe,” Pascale tells us. 

What are the possible career paths?

Bachelor of Laws Macquarie - Careers

Studying a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie gives students an extremely diverse career pool once they have graduated! From not for profit organisations to working within the Court system, there are many different opportunities.

Careers include but are not limited to:

    • Human Resources Officer
    • Management Consultant 
    • Recruitment 
    • Advocacy Roles
    • Wealth Management 
    • Judge’s Associate 

Matilda Elliott is a Content Writer at Art of Smart and a Communication graduate with a major in Journalism at Western Sydney University. You can find some of her published work in a range of platforms including SBS World News, The Music Network and within her own creative exploits with her twin sister. Matilda is a lover of listening, helping people to tell their stories, making genuine connections, clowning around in her circus troupe and dancing like no one is watching at live music shows!


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