Using past exam papers to study for HSC Biology is the best way to apply your knowledge and reinforce the information you’re learning!

Other than that, doing past papers allows you to practice and fine tune your exam technique, become familiar with the types of questions you’ll be asked in the exam and makes it less daunting and stressful come exam time!

Convinced that past papers are the best way to study for HSC Biology?

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the HSC Biology past papers you’ll ever need!

HSC Papers

Paper Marking Guidelines
2017 AOS Practice Paper 2017
2016 HSC 2016 Marking Guidelines 2016
2015 HSC 2015 Marking Guidelines 2015
2014 HSC 2014 Marking Guidelines 2014
2013 HSC 2013 Marking Guidelines 2013
2012 HSC 2012 Marking Guidelines 2012
2011 HSC 2011 Marking Guidelines 2011
2010 HSC 2010 Marking Guidelines 2010
2009 HSC 2009 Marking Guidelines 2009
2008 HSC 2008
2007 HSC 2007
2006 HSC 2006

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