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Proven 1 on 1 History tutoring in the comfort of your home in Melbourne



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Private History teaching to give students vital extra guidance with their studies

We believe that a great tutor does more than just teach, they identify each student’s strengths and use them to improve, motivate and encourage confidence. Art of Smart’s tutors do just this with affordable 1 on 1 coaching in your Melbourne home.

Qualified academic coaches providing tailored tuition for students of all ages

Our tutors tailor every lesson to the unique learning style of each child to ensure their true academic potential can be reached. In addition to our history tuition we offer VCE exam coaching that is the ideal preparation for students taking their year 11 and 12 tests.

Private History tuition by qualified academic coaches in your Melbourne home

Art of Smart’s tutors are passionate, knowledgeable and motivated to provide your child with the education and confidence required to excel academically. No matter what their level we provide 1 on 1 coaching that will make them feel comfortable.

“Our Art of Smart tutor’s passion, communication style and commitment to helping our son achieve great results paid off. Our son re-engaged with the subject as a result of our tutors’s in depth understanding of the topics and his interesting interactive approach to tutoring – so much so that our son came 1st in his school!”

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Backed by 8 Years of Research

We provide the best of both worlds – personalised one on one tutoring at home combined with the backing, support and resources that we’ve developed over the last decade, including 8 years of research we’ve conducted with Australia’s top students.

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