Private Physics Tutors Melbourne


Proven 1 on 1 Physics tutoring in the comfort of your home in Melbourne



Qualified academic coaching for students of all ages across Melbourne

We believe that a great tutor does more than just teach, they identify each student’s strengths and use them to improve, motivate and encourage confidence.

Art of Smart’s Physics tutors provide an affordable 1 on 1 service to students of all ages in their Melbourne home. We cover physics from years 7-10 through to years 11 and 12, with specialised VCE exam coaching.

Skilled teaching from passionate and knowledgeable Physics tutors

Our tutors have an ethos that sees them coach, mentor, challenge, support and encourage all students regardless of age or ability. Each tutor works alongside their in-school education to give them professional academic coaching in the comfort of their own home.

Private Physics tuition tailored to your child’s specific learning needs

We understand that children like to learn in different ways and therefore take an adaptable and flexible approach to tutoring. Each of our skilled tutors take pride in finding the best way to unlock your child’s potential.

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