“What do I do with my life when I finish school and how do I get there?”

We help you confidently answer this question.




We show you how to excel at school so you have options after school


Small Supportive Theory Classes

Develop a mastery of the syllabus in our supportive 1 to 1.5 hour classes, taught by incredible teachers all at our state of the art campus in Hornsby.

Individual Learning Plans

We develop an individual learning learning plan for you that’s tailored to your personal goals and help you stay accountable!

Exam-Style Homework

Test and enhance your knowledge and receive feedback on your progress as you prepare for your school exams!

Personalised Tutorials

Need specific homework or assessment help for school? Attend one of our 1 hour personalised tutorials, led by our passionate tutors & mentors!

Inspirational Teachers & Tutors

Our team have proven academic track records, and make the complex simple for you to understand!

Track Your Progress Online

As your progress through the year, track your progress online so you know what you need to work on!

Tailored 1 on 1 Tutoring 

Prefer 1 on 1 lessons? Our team of 250+ tutors are available to come to your home across Sydney and Melbourne or have lessons at our campus in Hornsby.

Comprehensive Resources 

Accessible 24-7 on our online platform, our resources rigorously cover the syllabus dot point by dot point!

Study At Our Campus

Need a quiet place to study away from home and school? Come and study at our state of the art campus in Hornsby!

We get you motivated, organised and confident for school and life

Inspirational Mentoring

We help you develop a powerful study habit, organise your time, create powerful study notes, prepare for exams and more!

Study & Exam Skill Workshops

We help you develop key study skills, choose your subjects, apply for scholarships and university in our dynamic and interactive workshops!

Backed by 10 Years of Research

We’ve conducted 10 years of research with over 2,000+ students who have scored ATARs of over 98!

We help you find a sense of purpose by connecting school to the real world

Practical Career Workshops

Learn about what different careers are actually about with our workshops delivered with industry professionals!

Career Mentoring

We help you start planning for life after school with our personal career mentoring services!

Real World Work Experience

We try clothes before we buy them – why not careers? We help you try out a career through work experience!

“My tutor helped me plan my week & organize myself, which allowed me to achieve my best. My study plan balanced work with rest & ensured I could study for all my subjects effectively. Mentoring, coupled with weekly tutoring saw my marks improve – I achieved 99% in the HSC and came 1st in NSW!”

Sujith D

I have three children and they have been receiving tutoring support and assistance from Art of Smart for over 6 years. I and my children have enjoyed very much the mentoring guidance provided by our tutor. My children have been receiving a lot of helpful advice and coaching not only for their school work but also for other essential knowledge and understanding that sometimes as a mother I don’t know about for my teenage kids. I always recommend Art of Smart to the people I know or don’t know!

Joanne Lo

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