We’re giving away 50 x tutoring & mentoring scholarships for students in Year 10-12 worth over $50,000!

Do you feel like dreams of a good ATAR are slipping away because you can’t find motivation?


 Are you anxious because your study isn’t producing the results it should?


 Do you hear your friends talking about what they will do at university, while you have no idea?


In this Pathfinder Program we will…

1. Help you boost your study skills and lift your results

We’ll give you access to over 10 years of research and provide the methods required to master your time management, maximise your study time and achieve your personal best in exams and assessments. Additionally, we’ll help you do all of this while remaining calm and avoiding the burnout and stress that comes with the HSC. This means no more cramming, no more losing sleep, and no more freaking out.

2. Help you find direction and prepare for life after school

The future of work is changing and it’s getting harder and harder for students to decide what path they should follow. We’ll help you establish the foundations for pursuing your future career through setting goals, optimising university preferences and developing the skills and resources required to impress employers and universities. 

3. Show you how to stand out as a job candidate, professional and leader

Did you know that only 1 in 3 Australian University graduates can find full-time work? In the competitive nature of today’s workplace, the ability to distinguish yourself is an extremely valuable asset. We’ll provide you with guidance regarding your career pathways, personal branding and networking. We’ll also help you optimise your social media accounts and support you through all aspects of finding and securing work.

Ming Yu
“The Future Leaders program helps you not only in your studies, but in life. Their experience and advice is extremely valuable and has greatly assisted me throughout high school, Year 12, and my transition to university. It helped me confidently decide to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW which I am loving studying!”

Ming – 97.1 ATAR studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW

Overall, a Pathfinder Scholarship will help you…

Explore Your Passions

We help you explore passions, interests and work experience so you can confidently identify potential career pathways.

Choose Your Uni Course

We help you pick the right degree and university for you, and help you navigate university preferences and early entry!

Apply for Scholarships

With millions of dollars of scholarships available, we help you apply successfully for scholarships, co-ops & cadetships!

Build Your Personal Brand

We help you craft a personal brand for yourself so that you can confidently pitch and sell yourself for potential career opportunities!

Craft Your LinkedIn Profile

We help you craft a powerful Resume and LinkedIn profile so that you stand out from the crowd when looking for opportunities!

Practice in Mock Interviews

We help you prepare for interviews with mock interview practice so you can get comfortable before the real thing!

Develop a Personal Project

We help you identify and create a personal project you can work on to develop mentors and stand out from your peers!

Create Consistent Study Notes

We’ll help you create and maintain perfect study notes so you can stay on top of class content and avoid the overwhelming pressures of the HSC.

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Successfully helping students excel at school and transition to rewarding further studies and careers since 2009

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Monthly Personalised Mentoring Sessions

Each month you’ll have a session with one of our incredible team who will mentor, guide and support you as you execute a year-long game plan focused on your individual goals and needs. These sessions are 1 on 1 and held at a time that is mutually convenient.

They’ll help you develop a rock-solid study routine, prepare for your exams, stay motivated, manage your university preferences and craft your resume, LinkedIn profile and scholarship applications.

As well as this, they will support you as you develop your personal project so you can acquire industry mentors and work experience opportunities!

Monthly Workshops With Experts

Each month we run hands-on, high energy workshops where experts take a deeper dive into the cutting edge information required to improve your marks, stay healthy and make a successful transition to life after school!

Led by HSC graduates, CEO’s and thought leaders, each workshop is matched to a key milestone in the student calendar to give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

We explore topics such as How to Step Up from Year 11 to Year 12, Career Networking and Q&A Sessions, Early Entry & Cadetship Writing Support, HSC Mock Exam Sessions, and Interview Practice/Support. Through each workshop you will acquire a new skill or develop your network personally and professionally.

Quarterly Intensives

Every holiday period we hold two-day deep dives that allow you to consolidate your progress and get ahead of the upcoming term. These quarterly Intensives target the key turning points of your year and provide a space to build connections with students from across Sydney.

In these sessions you will develop a 90-day plan for the term. Whether you’re preparing for HSC Trials, HSC Exams or the year to come, we’ll help you get ahead and avoid cramming and burnout.

You’ll also get the opportunity to perfect your early entry, scholarship, co-op, and cadetship applications so you can maximise your opportunities while expanding your social and professional network.

Plus, you also receive…

Mock Exams

Practice your exam technique and master content in real exam conditions so you can feel relaxed and confident when the day comes.

Campus Study Pass

This will allow you to access our campus six days per week whenever you need space to focus or study.


Connect with like-minded peers and mentors who will support and encourage you in your HSC and beyond.


Why offer these scholarships & how does it work?

The total value of the Future Leaders Program is $7,500 and we are providing 3 x  full $7,500 Scholarships to students. Additionally, we are also providing 57 x partial $4,000 scholarships towards the Future Leaders Program, providing students with over 50% off their enrolment.

Why are we providing scholarships? Because we believe in “case study marketing”.

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, so instead of spending $50,000 on advertising to promote how we help students, through scholarships we are instead providing a massive amount of value to young people who are committed and driven to work hard and achieve their goals.

We then promote their results as a case study which in turn leads to us being able to support more young people as we work towards achieving our mission of supporting 1,000,000 young Australians answer the big question of “What am I going to do when I finish school, and how do I get there?”

So its a win-win for everyone!

How can you secure a scholarship?

Complete Our Quick Application

Complete our quick online application to put yourself in the running to qualify for a scholarship worth up to $7,500!

Make the Short List

We’ll then review your application and if you’re short-listed we’ll call you to confirm information.

Meet our CEO for an Interview

Short-listed applications will then meet with our CEO Rowan Kunz or one of the AOS team, where we will get to know you better!

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