You throw your pen down, frustrated and just plain fed up. You can’t handle this kind of stress- especially when your other subjects are being affected adversely. So, your only option is to consider dropping 2 unit in favour of General Maths. But should you do it? What if you don’t like General Maths? 

Fret not! The answer to your questions are here, along with some more information on the difference between the two courses to make your life a little bit easier!

What are the key differences between General Maths and 2 Unit Maths?

  • General math is a harder version of year 10 maths
  • They have entirely different content
  • Each is suited to different university courses
  • General Maths is wordier
  • Both are equally difficult but one is suited to practical persons, the other to ‘calculussy’ people

Following is a table comparing the two Maths courses for you to become more informed about the differences before you decide to drop down from 2 Unit to General.



When should you consider dropping down?

Too much workload

You can’t handle the 2-unit Maths workload. This is often the case as 2-unit usually requires twice the amount of work than your other chosen subjects. If you are doing well in 2unit at the expense of your other subjects, then you should consider dropping down to General Maths, where the workload, whilst still being heavy, is considerably less than 2-unit.

You find it hard and you don’t need it for your chosen degree

Maths is often required as a prerequisite for university courses. If you are one of those people whose course requires 2 unit Maths, then you should carefully consider your decision as you might need to do a summer bridging course in order to get into your chosen degree (and to do well in it)!

You think you are more of a data and word kind of person instead of calculus

If you think you preferred what you did in year 10 over what you’re doing now as part of 2 unit Maths, you might want to consider dropping down. However, do heed the fact that General Maths is not a piece of cake and it does build up significantly on the concepts studied in year 10.


You are doing 2 unit for its scalability and no other reason

If you’re sticking with 2-unit Maths for no other reason than how much it’s going to boost your marks, then you really should weigh your other options carefully. Despite popular opinion, 2-unit Maths and General Maths have very similar scaling and in fact, according to this SMH article, General Maths is being scaled better than 2 unit.

English is your strong suit

If you think you are better at English than Maths and that you could mix formulas and interpretation together, then General Maths might just be the course for you. So, if you are not enjoying 2-unit so much and think that you meet the above criteria, be my guest in dropping down!


Your teacher is not providing as much help as you require

It’s true as any Maths formula that teachers can help you make it or break it. If you have a teacher for 2-unit that is not helping further your knowledge and is rather hindering your progress in the course, then you might consider dropping down, but only if you’re sure that the teacher in General is one that meets your standards! Otherwise, checkout Question 11 of this article to learn how to teach yourself some 2 unit Maths!

Good Luck!

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