Every year thousands of students spend hours and hours holed up and hibernating in libraries across NSW studying for their HSC. Whilst libraries are a fantastic place for students to study, we are all probably aware some are better than others!

Serious hard-core study requires the right environment – you want to avoid the crowds, the noisy kids running around, find a comfy lounge and be free from distractions just to name a few requirements – essentially you need to choose the right location and the right library for study success!

Check out our review of Castle Hill library below to see if this is the best fit for your study success!



Library details

LocationCastle Street & Pennant St, Sydney NSW 2154
Contact Nb.9761 4510

Library Opening Hours

DayOpening Times

Library Review

*Group study rooms
*Open study space area
*Cafe inside the library
Specific services for HSC students?*Extended opening hours on Sundays for students in the month before HSC students (9:30-1pm)
*Quiet study rooms
*HSC Textbooks available
Pros?*A cafe is located INSIDE the library so you are allowed to eat and drink! (and Towers is across the road if you’re after a break or snack)
*Good parking and easily accessible by public transport (Bus only)
*Different learning spaces (Sonia Phillips room, small study room, open study space)
*Friendly staff
Cons?*Slow Wifi access
*Overcrowded with too many HSC students
*Loud students
Best place in the library to study?*At the back near the computers or near the cafe
Overall rating?8/10

Our top tip: Castle Hill Library A nice local library with a good ambience, diverse study spaces and access to HSC resources. Good for short burst of productive study